Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #6 "Glam Grams"

Hello, Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

Here is my new "golden girl" outfit.  I certainly do not feel frumpy in this ensemble.

Here are the gold gladiators I would not wear with the party dress I showed in my holiday collections.  Although I do have a dull gold leather handbag, I think I like the bronze metallic leather better with the dull gold faux leather pants (same one I wore in "grunge".  The Heavy Gold Embroidered blouse is worn over a satin slip top camisole.  I have accessorized with the gold hoop earrings, and the white jade jeweled drop, and multiple gold, pearl, and diamond rings. Glamorous, and oh, so comfortable!! Gold top was on sale at Ross for $9.00.
All other items; in the closet.

This outfit is one of the types I most like to style; I am using classic pieces in almost everything I am wearing but just
adding a few touches with the accessories update the look immediately. Of course, the heavy lace textured hose and beaded suede pumps raised the volume of up to date fashion without cluttering the classic glamour look.  For this combination I accessorized with a classic silver and cabochon garnet Maltese cross pin on the collar and a gold and crystal station neck chain worn under the collar of the classic deep blue silk satin shirt.  I belted the overlapped slit skirt (all the way to the waist-the skirt will show a bit of leg but the hose are so heavily textured I will be decent) 

Not visible are gold, diamond, and pearl rings and black spinel and gold hoop earrings.  Another look I made with the same items except I eliminated the headband and wore a thin feathered toque around the neck and trailing down the back (feathers are also a fashion item for spring) The band and toque were both crocheted with feathery yarn as a present.  Lucky me!!
Total cost for this ensemble; $12.00 for the tights.

The third combination I am showing really makes me think of an old time movie. It is black crushed velvet jacket trimmed in black satin and embroidered with a lovely subtle satin rose pattern.  I have combined it with a pleated front heavy cream satin blouse and black satin tuxedo pants.

To give it a more modern touch, I have worn a drop antique Florentine chain with an amythyst and ruby antique bar pendant.  I am showing it with a textured pattern black fedora hat and a feathery/furry large handbag trimmed with Kathy V trademark crystal and silver fobs. I will also wear a selection of mixed gold rings.  All items are already in my closet:  Total cost for all three looks; $21.00

I think I am going to amp it up a bit more when I really wear it by changing the gold and beige metallic shoes for black crystal encrusted evening shoes (I think the gold looks a bit too relaxed, but it will actually depend upon the occasion.  

All these photos will go in my style book to await the time when I will actually wear them; one benefit is the ability to make a tweak or two to the styling before I wear the ensemble; it also saves me a lot of time when I get dressed because I can gather all the items quickly.

Happy Styling, Stylinistas;.........Geneva...........Rockmyages@aol.com

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Merry Christmas
               Stylinistas and Fashionistas;

For some reason there is now a mix-up in the released post for "Global Grandma"; Release #5 is posted before release #4.  Please scroll past #4 (Beyond the Boudoir) to view #5(Global Grandma).  Pictures are also not lined up accurately in #5 and I am unable to de-bug at this time.

Please accept my apologies and have a happy holiday........

               Geneva ......Rockmyages@aol.com

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #4 Beyond the Boudoir

Hello Stylinistas:

I have to admit I wore this outfit for several hours the day I modeled it.  It was so comfortable and I felt so elegant wearing it. I had already taken my photo of  the laydown so the belt is not shown. 

When I put it on, I thought of the cinch belt.  I also substituted the high vamp heels for the sandals. I think I will be wearing this one quite a few times this summer; it will be just right for several occasions, work included. The sheen of the fabric is distorted because of the design. These pajamas were bought (never worn) at a local thrift store for $12.00.

This lavender outfit is also very comfortable, however, I won't be wearing it in my work role at the patio store.  This look is just a little too "fashion forward" for the type of work that I do; also the fabric of most pajamas with the 'luxe look is just not appropriate for the kind of work that needs to be done.  It would snag on everything.  I will wear it to a Sunday brunch, or certainly an "at home" role. I had the pajamas tucked away in a drawer and have only worn them a few times. The silk camisole I have had for years; total cost, none.

I love this look; once again the outfit is very comfortable and just right for the spring
and summer climate.  The tailored black satin pants compliment the kimono look lingerie wrap.  I am wearing it open, but the garment can be tied from both inside and out.  I am showing the tail in the laydown, but when I am wearing it, it is tied in back and dangling; another little touch that was common in the runway shows. (you had dangling narrow scarfs, belt ties, etc.) The black satin pants and camisole I have had forever.  I purchased the black satin kimono top for $5.00 at Goodwill.  Total cost for this look was under $20.00.

The outfits I have shown are very conservative as suit the roles I play in my lifestyle.  Slip dresses and shorter slips worn as tunic heavily embroidered in statement designs were very noticeable in the collections.  If I had the figure for it and less aged skin, I would certainly wear one to an evening function. No doubt there will be a lot of controversy over the wearing of lingerie as a fashion statement.  I have already had one friend tell me that "she doesn't believe in wearing lingerie in the daytime', as though it made a difference if the fabric is cotton or polyester satin or the lace is more embroidered.  There go those "rules" again!! I am going to love seeing women who are flattered by this look wear the garments.  I think they will be lovely.

Happy Styling, Stylinistas..........Geneva..............Rockmyages@aol.com.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #5 "Global Grandma"

Hello Stylinistas;

Note:  Please excuse the layout of this post; I have not been able to make it all line up properly (the previews show it correctly, but not the release-still having difficulties with some of the technicalities of the programs-It has also shown up out of order in posting date.)

The silk Polynesian jacket is worn over an elbow length sleeve black and white stripe tee and black polyester wide legged cropped trousers. Black open toed patent pumps and a black satin straw handbag complete the ensemble

All garments in this look were already in my closet.  No cost; new outfit

This mature global stylinista just returned from Spain where she took in all the latest fashion. Whether it was Madrid, Toledo, or Sevilla, she loved the traditional flamenco wear she saw in clubs wherever she went.

She re-interpreted that look with this stylish combination for her S/S 2016 wardrobe. She mixed a red lace mock turtle poly-cotton overblouse, a poly cream/taupe polka dotted skirt with a flare, and sturdy heeled leather Mary Jane shoes. The drop earrings and necklace were black onyx and silver and gave the right vibe.  This was paired with a faux fur, silver emblemed black leather handbag.  All Items were already in her closet; just recombined to give a slight Spanish flair.

As you have no doubt notices, this is the same skirt, blouse, and tee from "Natty Nauticals".  I just used a different purse, shoes, and hat to cast an East Indian flavor to the ensemble.  The shoe colors are an exact match to the colors of the skirt and tops (a current fashion no-no, but very much a Geneva style) I wanted to keep 3 patterns working. (the stripes, statement handbag, and the two toned shoes subtlety update a look that could be ho-hum).  Elephants, monkeys, and a continued use of snakeskin adorn many of this season's garments.  All items except the purse (obtained at a thrift store for $6.00) were already in the closet.

Total cost for the entire global "closet collection" was $6.00.

I can style more outfits just using the theme handbag; One outfit I am imagining is all about denim and cream.  I will show this in one of my s/s 2016 posts. Of course, I am also envisioning some safari linen ensembles, but I haven't added them to my stylebook yet.

Happy Styling, Stylinistas; ........Geneva.............Rockmyages@aol.com

Its the little things:

Remember, accessories are your best friend; them and the way you put them together is what creates authentic style.  The bonus part is most accessories take up little space, you can usually obtain them at your price point, and often they last forever. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S Spring 2016::Release #3 "Grandma's Grunge"

Hello Stylinistas;

This mature grandma (actually, great-grandma)is wearing her "Abbey Road" tee-shirt over a white long sleeved cotton tee-shirt.  The shirts are paired with cotton poly slim legged trousers and accessorized with boyfriend watch, moto boots, and a leather cap. Heavy hardware give an interpretive moto look to the white cream handbag.
Abbey Road tee cost $10.00.
All other items were already in the closet. 

The plaid polyester blouse is matched with a dull metallic faux leather pants, camel ankle boots, and a dark green and gold bucket bag, picking up the colors of the plaid stripes.

 A camel felt Indianna Jones hat will be worn if working out in the sunlight.
The shirt was purchased for $9.00 at Ross.  All other items were also in my closet. I love my camel ankle boots with the look, but if it is too warm, I have a pair of neutral croc patent clogs that will also look good.

Two cotton polyester shirts are worn, a plaid and a gingham, one on top of the other.  The under layer is a mini-lavender gingham 3/4 length sleeve; the top shirt is a raspberry lavender plaid with cuff facings that blend with the plaid.
Another nod to the continued blending of multiple prints.

Depending upon the warmth of the weather, one can simply remove the top shirt.  Here in the Bay Area, we usually need to be prepared for cool mornings even on the hottest day.

The shirts are worn over wide legged ankle cuffed blue jeans that I have had forever (they will also be useful for the Nautical look).

I am showing them with both the white skimmers and matching blue denim wedges.  Should I have an errand to run the wedges, a wine colored fedora hat and a puce leather basket weave handbag will complete the ensemble.  All items for the ensemble were already in my closet.  Total cost for all three season updates is under $20.00. I can also  create at least ten more "grunge" looks using other shirts , caps, pants, shoes, and tee-shirts from my closet without any additional spending.....If you are a "grunge" gal, plaid are very big this season; also a variety of sturdy boots and clogs, and the ever popular dark blue denim.  The prevalence of light weight denim is just in time for the spring fashion season.

I would love to read about some of the combinations you find in your closet. 

Happy Styling................Geneva..............Rockmyages@aol.com

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #2 "Not So Old Glory"

Hello Stylinistas:

One of this season's fashion themes is all about the colors in the American Flag.  I call my closet collection "Not So Old Glory" as tribute to the proliferation of red, white, and blue (Marc Jacobs, etc.) and stars and stripe references in many of the designer collections in the ready to wear runway shows at New York Fashion Week. 

You know I always shop my closet first for freshening the look of my wardrobe.  Most of the items you see I already had on hand. However, I was in a thrift store a few weeks ago, and just had to have the over blouse for this look; it had all the colors and the look of the garments in some of the runway shows. It is also amazingly comfortable. The black area on the forearm is the quilted "elbow patch", adding to the sportiness.  I may also wear my red suede ankle boots with this ensemble if I am out and about. The simple boater canvas shoes with the flag design are from Payless shoe store which I purchased for our last 4th of July sale at American Leisure Patio store where I work part time in the busy summer season.  I will wear these several times over the summer with special sales, etc.

I call this blazer my "circus " jacket. (can't you just see this with a white flat topped white satin straw hat and a baton?) I wore this jacket a few times last year for work; I re-mixed it this year with the white turtle and red polka dotted t-shirt over red cotton trousers and red toeless patent heels.  As you can see, these ensembles will do double duty in my various roles this season!

The first sale of the season will be President's day weekend in mid-February.  If I have returned to work (it all depends on the weather, and work volume) I will wear the denim dress worn as a knee length coat over jeans and the retro 60's tie-dye cotton ribbed t-shirt. These details were also inspired by the spring fashion shows.  Denim, especially light weight dark and medium wash were liberally represented by the designers.  

 I accessorized with a navy polka dot silk scarf tied in a bow at the neckline, navy blue ankle boots, navy leather watch  and red over and under earrings.  It should be both weather and role appropriate for that time of year (technically not spring, but this is California). The only item I bought was the t-shirt for $4.00.  All other items were in the closet

The ensemble on the right is probably my favorite of the four I am showing. (Note the same top garments in the following pictures but with different pants and shoes.) The polyester sleeveless tank with the apron waistline works great with the royal blue jeans (different shades of color but same tone). Serendipity for me; the shade and tone is exactly the same as the shade and tone of the Coach loafers I bought a couple of years ago at a bargain price; I broke up any "matchy-matchy" feel with the white lace jacket and the geometric red and white arrow stripes of the infinity gauze scarf.  (purchased at Goodwill Industries for $2.79)

This ensemble is more interesting than its sister in the white clam-digger (BTW, when I wear the combination on each side of this, I will exchange the canvas shoes for white sling back heels (from these pictures, I can see they would give me better proportion-remember what I said about mirrors and cameras as best friends!!)) BTW, there is another example of this mix shown on "Rockmyages.blogspot.com" where I announce the release.

Each of these looks are understated as representative of the 2016 Spring collections; this is intentional for two reasons; (1) I personally am not crazy about the extreme mish-mash of the bold patterns prevalent in the season's look (2) being on the older side of mature, too much clutter would simply not feel right for me at my age.  Having said that, were I forty-ish, I am sure I  would be a bit more bold in my styling.

In "Not So Old Glory", I have mixed in just a touch of the denim look, the red/white/blue, and the tie dye look without being too literal in interpreting the American Flag; just alluding to the theme.  These looks satisfy my updating of the fashion scene for spring.   I would love to hear from you letting me know how you are going to interpret this spring fashion theme.

Happy Styling, stylinistas....................Geneva......Rockmyages@aol.com

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #1 "Natty Nauticals"

Hello Stylinistas:

Here is the first of my stylings for Spring/Summer 2016. As you may already know, the nautical themes were strongly represented in the Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week . Nautical themes are certainly one of my favorite classic themes.  

I have presented here my interpretation of the theme which I have named  "Natty Nauticals."

The black and white stripes of the tops in the photos in the upper photos are more modern for the seasons nautical themes. I am pairing the top with black cotton poly trousers, the black leather bag with the anchor theme, and black and white kitten heels. It is just right for late spring and summer.  Love it!

A sleeveless  white linen blouse is used as a vest and worn over cotton gently flared crop pants.  The fine line heather stripe is in black rather than the expected navy.  A black leather structured bag with an anchor suggest the nautical theme as well as a small silver anchor necklace and a white square faced watch with a double steel marine chain band.  Love it already !

Nautical themes using unexpected color combinations are a new look this season.  I have paired a taupe silk sleeveless blouse used as a vest over the varied width stripes in navy and beige.  Using my usual monochrome color schemes for tops and bottom, I have paired the taupe slim hem pleated skirt and added navy striped heels.  I have accessorized with a Paloma black leather bag, my favored star fish necklace, and twin silver bracelets. 

I have actually identified several other combinations in my closet, (12, actually) however, the ones displayed address the 2016 Spring fashion trends of white, nautical black and white, and the continuation of stripes as fashion themes with a nautical look. 

By the way, bringing me up to date in this fashion theme only cost me $7.98 for the beige, navy, and white t-shirt that looks like it cost at least $20.00.  I did purchase two other t-shirts (on sale at Wal-Mart for $4.00 each) that will work with the combinations not shown. Total added cost for a nautical themed closet: $16.00 (plus tax).  A bargain, don't you think?  

Okay, Stylinistas, how many fashion forward outfits can you identify in your closet? (remember, fashionistas buy fashion, stylinistas create fashion)

"Natty nauticals" are one of six "Runways" I will demonstrate before the season begins; should you desire to adapt that look into your spring/summer wardrobe you have time to plan your own purchases for the upcoming season.

Happy Styling, Stylinistas;................Geneva..........Rockmyages@aol.com